Home Games: Stevenson High School – Runkel Field | Practice Field: Furhmann Middle School
NEW! Training Facility: Michigan Collegiate High School


Please help us congratulate Liz VanDerMaas on being named the Assistant Cheer Director. Way to go, Liz!!!

2017 Master Football Schedule

*schedule is tentative and subject to change until finalized!*

Flag Scrimmages - Tue, Aug 8th @6pm @ Fuhrman Field - We are hosting 4 other Flag teams.
Tackle Team Scrimmages- Fri, Aug 11th @6pm @ Fuhrman Field vs. Dearborn Heights
Mandatory Registration & Pictures- Sun, Aug 13th, 10am@ BRAC, 8777 Common Rd. Warren.

Week 1 - Sat, Aug 19th - Scrimmage @ Lake Area Hawks, 420 Glengary Rd., Commerce Twp.
Tackle Teams Only - Freshman @ noon, JV@ 2, Varsity@4

Week 2: Sun, Aug 27th - Home game vs. Grosse Pointe South @ Stevenson HS
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 0-25 (Loss)
Freshman: 6-25 (Loss)
Junior Varsity: 25-7 (Win)
Varsity: 53-0 (Win)

Week 3: Bye Week (Labor Day Weekend)

Week 4: Sun, Sept 10th - Home game vs. St. Clair Shores Green Hornets @ Fraser High School
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 12-13 (L)
Freshman: 13-0 (W)
Junior Varsity: 26-21 (W)
Varsity: 55-13 (W)

Week 5: Sun, Sept 17th - Away game vs. Michigan Wildcats @ Mumford High School
Flag @10am, Freshman @noon, JV @2pm, Varsity @4pm
Flag: 27-18 (Win)
Freshman: 28-0 (Win)
Junior Varsity: 38-13 (Win)
Varsity: 62-25 (Win)

Week 6: Sun, Sept 24th – Homecoming Game vs. S.H. Redskins @ Utica HS, 47255 Shelby Rd.
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 19-0 (W)
Freshman: 26-0 (W)
Junior Varsity: 40-0 (W)
Varsity: Win by Redskins Forfeit.

Week 7: Sun, Oct 1st - Pink Game vs. Barracudas @ Fraser High School
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 0-25 (L)
Freshman: 13-25 (L)
Junior Varsity: 6-27 (L)
Varsity: 34-6 (W)

Week 8: Sat, Oct 7th – Away game vs. Warren Jets @ Warren Community Center
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 0-20 (L)
Freshman: 9-19 (L)
Junior Varsity: 44-32 (2)
Varsity: 43-7 (W)

Week 9: Sat, Oct 14th – Away game vs. East Detroit Tigercats @ 15631 E. 10 Mile Rd.
Flag @10am, Freshman @noon, JV @2pm, Varsity @4pm
Flag- 8-16 (L)
Freshman- 34-0 (W)
JV- 14-21 (L)
Varsity- 0-7 (L)

Week 10: Sun, Oct 22nd – Away game vs. Metro Gators @ Hazel Park High School
Flag @10am, Freshman @noon, JV @2pm, Varsity @4pm
Flag- 0-24 (L)
Freshman- 0-41 (L)
JV- 12-28 (L)
Varsity- 19-7 (W)

Top 4 Teams Only - Sat, Oct 28th - Freshman & Varsity Playoff Games @ Lakeview HS
11am - Varsity Tigercats vs Gators
1pm - Freshman Jets vs Gators
3pm - Freshman GPS vs Cudas
5pm - Varsity Eagles vs Wildcats

Top 4 Teams Only - Sun, Oct 29th - Flag & JV Playoff Games @ Utica HS, 47255 Shelby Rd.
11am - Flag Jets vs Tigercats
1pm - Flag Cudas vs Gators
3pm - JV Cudas vs Tigercats
5pm - JV SCS vs Gators

Sat, Nov 4th – Flag, FR, JV, & Varsity Championship games @ Grosse Pointe South, Times TBD

Saturday and Sunday, Nov 11-12 – Tournament in Grand Rapids

Sunday Nov 19 - Banquet at Zuccaros

Wednesday, Nov 29 - Pistons night at Little Caesars Arena

Eastside Eagle 2018 Coaching Staff

Varsity Football Name Email
Varsity Head Coach Nick Sherevan coachnickfootball@yahoo.com
Varsity Head Coach Gary Abernathy gabernathy79@gmail.com
Varsity Defensive Coach Ron Gerstner rgerstner@gmail.com
Varsity Offensize Coach Phil Condon pvcondon@gmail.com
Varsity Defensive Coach Matt Tury theturys@sbcglobal.net
Varsity Defnesize Coach Mark Green markgreen74@hotmail.com
Varsity Assistant Coach Brett Geml  
Varsity Unit Manager Bobbi Collins collins71103@sbcglobal.net

JV Football Name Email
JV Head Coach Mike Filozof Papi.filozof11@aol.com
JV Offensive Coach Tom Croud vipergirlsx2@att.net
JV Assistant Coach James Lockett james.lockett2@us.army.mil
JV Assistant Coach Anthony Gearardo ashi18772@yahoo.com
JV Assistant Coach Dillon Vizna dviz58@yahoo.com
JV Assistant Coach Darius Mial darriusmial@yahoo.com
JV Assistant Coach Bill Trottier williamjr1121@gmail.com
JV Unit Manager Julie Wallace juliemagee@hotmail.com

Freshman Football Name Email
Freshman Head Coach Shawn Hall shawn.hall@magna.com
Freshman Coach Jettone Golden terrancegolden399@gmail.com
Freshman Coach Anthony LaPrade butter1017@yahoo.com
Freshman Coach Ray Butler raybutler1206@gmail.com
Freshman Unit Manager Mylissa Diegel mdiegel@hotmail.com

Flag Football Name Email
Flag Head Coach Matt Fraser mattfraser1979@hotmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Eryck Little eryck.little@gmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Jeremy Mexico jmex24@gmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Malcolm Davis malcdavis330@gmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Scott Krynski damnuge23@yahoo.com
Flag Assistant Coach Randy Diegel bambam555@me.com
Flag Assistant Coach Tony Castalucci anthonycastellucci@3ds.com
Flag Assistant Coach Jerry Nizol jerryd33@aol.com
Flag Unit Manager Jennie Green jenniekmaki@hotmail.com

Cheer Coaches & Unit Managers Name Email
Cheer Director & Coach Amanda Abernathy EECheer2012@gmail.com
Cheer Unit Manager Maria Berisha mimi62742@yahoo.com
Cheer Unit Manager Andrea Allen andrea3699@yahoo.com
Cheer Coach Kenya Anderson  
Cheer Coach Jennifer Diegel  
Cheer Coach Kayla Goshay  
Cheer Coach Shari Hall  
Cheer Coach Tori Simon  

Committee Chairpersons Name Email
Equipment Manager Jeff Kozel jeffkozel@icloud.com
Ad Book Jennifer Richter jenrichter78@comcast.net
Ad Book Jennifer Richter jenrichter78@comcast.net
Concessions Tina Wisbiski twisbiski@wowway.com
Concessions Vanessa Tury theturys@sbcglobal.net
Game Day Announcer Bryan Legree legreeb27@gmail.com
Nurse Lisa