Home Games: Stevenson High School – Runkel Field | Practice Field: Furhmann Middle School
NEW! Training Facility: Michigan Collegiate High School


Please help us congratulate Liz VanDerMaas on being named the Assistant Cheer Director. Way to go, Liz!!!

2017 Master Football Schedule

*schedule is tentative and subject to change until finalized!*

Flag Scrimmages - Tue, Aug 8th @6pm @ Fuhrman Field - We are hosting 4 other Flag teams.
Tackle Team Scrimmages- Fri, Aug 11th @6pm @ Fuhrman Field vs. Dearborn Heights
Mandatory Registration & Pictures- Sun, Aug 13th, 10am@ BRAC, 8777 Common Rd. Warren.

Week 1 - Sat, Aug 19th - Scrimmage @ Lake Area Hawks, 420 Glengary Rd., Commerce Twp.
Tackle Teams Only - Freshman @ noon, JV@ 2, Varsity@4

Week 2: Sun, Aug 27th - Home game vs. Grosse Pointe South @ Stevenson HS
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 0-25 (Loss)
Freshman: 6-25 (Loss)
Junior Varsity: 25-7 (Win)
Varsity: 53-0 (Win)

Week 3: Bye Week (Labor Day Weekend)

Week 4: Sun, Sept 10th - Home game vs. St. Clair Shores Green Hornets @ Fraser High School
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 12-13 (L)
Freshman: 13-0 (W)
Junior Varsity: 26-21 (W)
Varsity: 55-13 (W)

Week 5: Sun, Sept 17th - Away game vs. Michigan Wildcats @ Mumford High School
Flag @10am, Freshman @noon, JV @2pm, Varsity @4pm
Flag: 27-18 (Win)
Freshman: 28-0 (Win)
Junior Varsity: 38-13 (Win)
Varsity: 62-25 (Win)

Week 6: Sun, Sept 24th – Homecoming Game vs. S.H. Redskins @ Utica HS, 47255 Shelby Rd.
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 19-0 (W)
Freshman: 26-0 (W)
Junior Varsity: 40-0 (W)
Varsity: Win by Redskins Forfeit.

Week 7: Sun, Oct 1st - Pink Game vs. Barracudas @ Fraser High School
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 0-25 (L)
Freshman: 13-25 (L)
Junior Varsity: 6-27 (L)
Varsity: 34-6 (W)

Week 8: Sat, Oct 7th – Away game vs. Warren Jets @ Warren Community Center
Flag @11am, Freshman @1pm, JV @3pm, Varsity @5pm
Flag: 0-20 (L)
Freshman: 9-19 (L)
Junior Varsity: 44-32 (2)
Varsity: 43-7 (W)

Week 9: Sat, Oct 14th – Away game vs. East Detroit Tigercats @ 15631 E. 10 Mile Rd.
Flag @10am, Freshman @noon, JV @2pm, Varsity @4pm
Flag- 8-16 (L)
Freshman- 34-0 (W)
JV- 14-21 (L)
Varsity- 0-7 (L)

Week 10: Sun, Oct 22nd – Away game vs. Metro Gators @ Hazel Park High School
Flag @10am, Freshman @noon, JV @2pm, Varsity @4pm

Top 4 Teams Only - Sat, Oct 28th - Freshman & Varsity Playoff Games @ Lakeview HS
Varsity 1 @ 11am, Freshman 1 @ 1pm, Freshman 2 @ 3pm, Varsity 2 @ 5pm

Top 4 Teams Only - Sun, Oct 29t h- Flag & JV Playoff Games @ Utica HS, 47255 Shelby Rd.
Flag Game 1 @11am, Flag Game 2 @1pm, JV Game 1 @3pm, JV Game 2 @5pm

Sat, Nov 4th – Flag, FR, JV, & Varsity Championship games @ Grosse Pointe South, Times TBD

Our Team Flag in Afghanistan with our Troops

Thank you to our Troops!


Eastside Eagles Theme Song

We are pleased to debut the Eastside Eagles Theme Song!

Big Herk who is well known in Detroit did a song for the Eagles gamedays. Take a listen. Charles English was able to arrange it.

Download Song here.

Age & Weight Rules & Requirements

2017 Football Ages and Weights

Flag Team
League Age 6, 7 - Maximum Weight of 120 lbs.
League Age 8 - Maximum Weight of 80 lbs.

Freshman Team
League Age 8, 9 - Maximum Weight of 135 lbs.
League Age 10 - Maximum Weight of 100 lbs.

JV Team
League Age 9, 10, 11 - Maximum Weight of 150 lbs.
League Age 12 - Maximum Weight of 115 lbs.

Varsity Team
League Age 10, 11, 12, 13 - Maximum Weight of 180 lbs. to carry the ball.
League Age 10, 11, 12, 13 - Maximum Weight of 215 lbs. to play on offensive\defensive line.

Note: League Age is the age the participant is prior to August 1, 2017. Also there is a 5 lbs. bump added after the third game week.

Background Check - Mandatory for Coaches and Unit Managers

A background check is mandatory for anyone that will be coaching or a Unit Manager. Please use this link Web-Link: https://opportunities.averity.com/EastsideEagles

Volunteer Sign-up

5 volunteer commitments per player/cheerleader.

Game Day Volunteers Sign-Up Genius Link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4aaaae2ba3ff2-2017

Eastside Eagle 2017 Coaching Staff

As of 27 July 2017

Varsity Football Name Email
Varsity Head Coach Nick Sherevan coachnickfootball@yahoo.com
Varsity Head Coach Gary Abernathy gabernathy79@gmail.com
Varsity Assistant Coach Ron Gerstner rgerstner@gmail.com
Varsity Defensive Coach Jess VanDerMaas kafloom@gmail.com
Varsity Defensive Coordinator Ron Gerstner  
Varsity Offensive Coach Phil Condon pvcondon@gmail.com
Varsity Defensive Coach Matt Tury theturys@sbcglobal.net
Varsity Unit Manager Tammy Treppa ttreppa@wowway.com

JV Football Name Email
JV Head Coach Mike Filozof Papi.filozof11@aol.com
JV Offensive Coach Tom Croud vipergirlsx2@att.net
JV Assistant Coach James Lockett james.lockett2@us.army.mil
JV Assistant Coach Corey Gray airmancgray@gmail.com
JV Assistant Coach Dillon Vizna dviz58@yahoo.com
JV Assistant Coach Darius Mial darriusmial@yahoo.com
JV Assistant Coach Josh Zaren joshuazaren@gmail.com
JV Unit Manager Bobbi Collins collins71103@sbcglobal.net

Freshman Football Name Email
Freshman Head Coach Mark Green markgreen74@hotmail.com
Freshman Coach Craig Treppa treppa@wowway.com
Freshman Coach Jeff Heikkila heikk43@gmail.com
Freshman Coach Alan Anderson andersonaalan@gmail.com
Freshman Coach Shawn Hall shawn.hall@magna.com
Freshman Coach Malcom Davis daddyof22601@gmail.com
Freshman Coach Jettone Golden Sr. Lizzie2543@icloud.com
Freshman Unit Manager Tina Wisbiski eaglesfootball218@gmail.com

Flag Football Name Email
Flag Head Coach Matt Fraser matt@fasihvac.com
Flag Assistant Coach Jeremy Stall stahljer@gmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Derek Richter derekrichter@sbcglobal.net
Flag Assistant Coach Eryck Little eryck.little@gmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Lexi Lewandowski lexilewandowski3034@gmail.com
Flag Assistant Coach Brad Newsome b_rad836@yahoo.com
Flag Unit Manager Jennie Green jenniekmaki@hotmail.com

Cheer Coaches & Unit Managers Name Email
Cheer Director & Flag Coach Amanda Abernathy EECheer2012@gmail.com
Varsity Coach
Varsity Cheer Unit Manager Andrea Allen andrea3699@yahoo.com
JV Coach
JV Cheer Unit Manager Maria Berisha mimi62742@yahoo.com
Freshman Cheer Coach
Freshman Cheer Unit Manager Tamara Roland t2banks@sbcglobal.net
Flag Cheer Unit Manager Kenya Anderson johnson586@hotmail.com

Committee Chairpersons Name Email
Equipment Manager Randy Diegel bambam555@me.com
Equipment Manager Tony Castellucci d94@3ds.com
Nurse Lisa

Eastside Eagle 2017 Board Members

Eagles Board Members Name Email
President Nick Sherevan coachnickfootball@yahoo.com
1st Vice President Sarah Condon eastsideeaglesmi@gmail.com
2nd Vice President Brad Newsome b_rad836@yahoo.com
Secretary Renae Diegel renaediegel@me.com
Treasurer Gary Abernathy gabernathy79@gmail.com
Football Director Ron Gerstner rgerstner@gmail.com
Cheer Director Amanda Abernathy EECheer2012@gmail.com
Fundraising Jennifer Richter jenrichter78@comcast.net
Registrar Tabitha Mexico tabithamexico@outlook.com
Concessions Lisa Staniszewski lisanikollaj@yahoo.com
Spirit Wear Matt Fraser mattfraser1979@hotmail.com

Eastside Eagle: About Us!

Eastside Eagle 2017 Board MembersWe look forward to working with your athletes this upcoming season as we welcome you to our Eastside Eagles family Check-in often at the eastsideeaglesmi.com calendar for information & updates. Like us at Eastside Eagles on Facebook.

Click here for more information!

Want to be an Eastside Eagle Sponsor?

Our athletes will make you proud! — Their heart & dedication are all ready to go!

Eastside Families & Coaches: You may be surprised to find that many companies already have funds available for your children in Youth Programs. Please ask at your place of employment right away!

Eastside Football Club is a 501(c)3 Football and Cheer program where boys and girls compete in the Eastern Suburban Football League (ESFL) from ages 7 to 13. Our athletes also participate in charitable events to add depth to our program and provide perspective to our youth.

We are looking for Sponsors to help fund the following needs:

  • Equipment – helmets, shoulder pads, hitting sled & pads, footballs, etc.
  • Uniforms – cheer, football jerseys, helmets/reconditioning, pants, socks
  • Field expenses – rentals for practice, games, gym time
  • Referee, league fees

Please consider one of the following Sponsorship Levels:

GOLD: $1000 + up
You will receive:

  • Company logo on banner (4’ x 20’) to be displayed at each this season’s home games
  • Company logo shown on website for a period of one year
  • Full page ad in the upcoming season’s Program Book
  • GOLD Sponsorship Participation Certificate
  • Your business announced at every game

PURPLE: $500 – $1000
You will receive:

  • Company logo on banner (4’ x 20’) to be displayed at each of this season’s home games
  • Company logo shown on website for a period of one year
  • Half page ad in our Program Book
  • PURPLE Sponsorship Participation Certificate
  • Your business announced at every game

Your Sponsorship will help support the growth and development of over 150 athletes and enhance the quality of their experience of cheerleading and football. The success of our youth depends on the opportunities available to them!

If you would like to consider being a Sponsor, please contact Coach Nick Sherevan 586.419.4822 / nick@eastsideeaglesmi.com; or Dave DeBerardino 586.709.2075 / deberardinod@yahoo.com for more information and to receive your Eastside Eagle Sponsorship Package; or CLICK HERE for a Sponsorship Form if you are all ready to go! Thank You!

The Coach Nick & Staff Legacy

Coach Nick Sherevan's coaching history began in 1975. Since that time, he and his staff have accumulated 257 wins, 76 losses, and three ties at Warren, St. Anne.

His teams have won 25 divisional titles and have played 14 CYO Prep Bowl Championship games out of 29. These Silverdome/Ford Field appearances resulted in 6 wins/8 losses.

In 2003 Nick Sherevan received the CYO James Coughlin Award and in 2004 the CYO Shamrock Award - (CYO's highest honor) in his years as the Head Coach of Warren St. Anne.

In 2008, he was inducted into the MYAA Hall of Fame (Michigan Youth Athletic Association)

Players under his tutelage have been fortunate to have played for such an empowering coaching staff. Many of the coaches are Coach Nick alumni, and attribute their life success to what they have learned on the football field.

Coach Nick has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching the sport he loves, while developing football skills necessary for the next level of play; and helping to mould character and attitudes for life.

Championship History

Coach Nick & Staff Championship Title Games
ESFL Championships
Yr ESFL Champ Pts ESFL Runner Up Pts
2016 Eastside Eagles 46 St. Clair Shores Green Hornets 14

CYO Prep Bowls
(former Warren St. Anne's since 1975)
Yr CYO Champ Pts CYO Runner Up Pts
1984 Livonia St. Michael 22 Warren St. Anne 8
1986 Dearborn Divine Child 38 Warren St. Anne 24
1987 Livona St. Michael 36 Warren St. Anne 20
1989 Livonia St. Michael 22 Warren St. Anne 16
1990 Warren St. Anne 38 Daerborn Divine Child 22
1994 Livonia St. Michael 22 Warren St. Anne 8
1996 Livonia St. Michael 29 Warren St. Anne 0
1997 Livonia St. Michael 34 Warren St. Anne 22
1999 Warren St. Anne 22 Plymouth Our Lady of Good Counsel 16
2004 Warren St. Anne 26 Bloomfield Hills St. Hugo 16
2005 Warren St. Anne 31 Plymouth Our Lady of Good Counsel 22
2008 Warren St. Anne 22 Birmingham St. Regis 4
2010 Walled Lake St. William 38 Warren St. Anne 22
2011 Warren St. Anne 36 Birmingham St. Regis 6